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Nathalie, a single mother of two, started Transform Now because there was a lack of high-quality handmade products, combining spirituality, positivity including great benefits to the emotional and physical body.

A certified crystal and gemstone practitioner, a certified cosmetic products formulator, master reiki healer, shaman, pranic healer and certified Neuro-Linguistic practitioner, Nathalie went on a mission to create all-natural products with great ingredients at reasonable prices, combining crystals, essential oils, self-affirmations and more.  

Along the way, ​clients from Nathalie’s Wellness Center, started asking to purchase these products and had the same passion as she did. From word to mouth, the benefits of these products grew. This creates a win-win situation for both us and you as a customer visiting the Transform Now Shop.


My children and I want to be the one source where passionate people focusing on their spiritual, emotional and physical being can find all of their products.


Feel free to contact us anytime at info@TWellnessCenters.com.