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Handcrafted soap with Tiger's Eye Crystal

Only 10 bars available. This is for the 1st Quarter Handcrafted Soap Collection 2021. 

Each quarter, we create a special handcrafted soap with a gemstone on it. The crystal is meant to bring its benefits and energy to the soap. This soap is from the Crystal  Soap Collection. 

The  wonderful grounding scent of the white sage combined with the calming Lavender and topped with the protective and grounding Tiger's Eye gemstone. The. gold and brown of the stone fits perfectly with the tones of the soap that reminds you of Mother Earth and its calming colors. But don't forget to see the white rivers throughout the soap adding to the flow of nature.

This soap is great for its cleansing while giving your skin conditioning and a creamy feel.. This is not a vegetarian soap. 

Ingredients: Purified water, saponified oils of organic coconut, organic olive, castor, vitamin E, shea butter, tallow, natural tussah silk, sodium lactate, clean scent and premium fragrance oils, mica.